Save the lions

We are happy and proud to announce that we have fully paid off the loans that we took to save lions away from the canned hunting trade.

Huge thanks to all of you who helped with fundraisers and donations. 

All 5 lions are safely and happily living with us at Felidae and we will be their forever home. 


Canned hunting is the hunting of wild animals (mostly lions) in a confined area from which they cannot escape. In South Africa, it is not only legal, it is flourishing. Unwitting paying volunteers are recruited to help hand raise captive-bred lion cubs, on the false premise that they will be released into the wild as part of a lion conservation initiative. Tourists pay to take selfies while petting cute cubs or walking with lions. Breeders remove the cubs from their mother so that the lioness will quickly become fertile again, as they squeeze as many cubs from their adults as possible – five litters every two years.

Ultimately many of the animals will be transferred to canned hunting facilities to be shot by paying trophy hunters, and their bones and other body parts will be sold into local and international trade.

The animals involved are habituated to people from an early age, often through being hand-reared and bottle-fed, so they are no longer naturally fearful of people, making them easy targets for a rifle or bow when it comes to the hunt.

Felidae Centre is completely against the cruel practice of canned hunting. We campaign and advocate to end the captive breeding of lions and therefore all our female lions are sterilized. 

The video below made by the ”Born Free Foundation – The Bitter Bond” clearly portrays the sad story of lions born into the canned hunting industry.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of you for supporting us over the years and your help in saving these amazing creatures