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Felidae provides a home to two vervet monkeys, Melvin and Gordon. During tours visitors can easily spot the difference between these boys as Gordon is noticeably smaller than Melvin. Both vervets were rescued, although for different reasons.

Gordon was captured by trappers who killed his mom for food. He was then sold to people and made his way to Felidae center, where he found a permanent home!

Melvin was rescued from his previous home due to neglect and mistreatment. He was kept in a township and people would kick him and throw rocks at him. He now lives happily with Gordon! While both monkeys are still shy around people, Melvin enjoys sitting at the edge of his enclosure and watching everything that happens during tours. Both boys love receiving snacks provided by Felidae during the tour as well!

Basjan – was found on a neighbor’s grass without a monkey family in the area. He was about 1 month old.

Faan- came from SPCA as his family didnt want him anymore. He was sterilize and his teeth were failled out. He and Basjan is now a family together

Casper come to felidae after his mom was unfortunately shot. He was about 1 week and was raised with the bottle. He is now with the rest of the vervet family outside enjoying a normal monkey life

Capuchin monkeys
Bobby come to felidae after he was living in a bird cage in someone’s house and was attacked by andog who bit of his tail and toes. Bobby lost most of his teeth when they got rotten so is now enjoying small cut vegetables and fruits and the hard biscuits he dunk them in the water to soften it

Benji was bought by a bunch of volunteers for Felidae to go in with bobby and take away the fear he had for the people. Benji was hand raised and soon bobby realized that people are good and that he can trust us.

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