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what makes us different?

How are we different from other predator parks?

We put the needs of our animals first and strive to keep them in a stress-free environment. Our mission is to promote the welfare and survival of these animals, while also educating the public on them.

Our goal is for visitors to experience the awesomeness of these animals throughout their time here. Additionally, we hope that during the tours that you will learn something along the way! Each of our animals is unique and special to us and we try to keep them in the most natural environment possible.

As a visitor, you will have the opportunity to   see, and hear our cats  up close! You will also be able to view the feeding of one of our lion prides And join our guide for a tour through the facility. Make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to feed our bat-eared foxes!!

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our history

Our vision: A wildlife reserve conserving the African wild cats and predators in natural habitat.

Felidae Centre is located in the well-known Free State province, which borders on the Northern Cape. The predator reserve is situated only 30 km from the historical town of Kimberley, on the National Road, the N8 (head towards Petrusburg).

The Felidae Centre started in September 2010 when the Burger family brought in their first two animals, a cheetah and a caracal. The two animals, Thato and Lilo, came from a project where Chriszanne and Nicol had previously worked. Since that time the family has received and raised animals that were abandoned both in nature and by people.


In 2010 we first learned about canned hunting (the hunting of hand raised predator animals) and we had the opportunity to immediately save FIVE lions from the hunting business. Since that time we have had several other opportunities to save lions. These big cats are now able to call Felidae Centre home, living in a natural habitat spanning several hectares.

We want to educate the public on the real and obtainable conservation of African wildlife. These efforts help to ensure these species survival in the future. Furthermore, by doing tours and school outings, we want to change people’s mindsets about our big cats.

This will help secure both the protection and survival of the various species on our farm.

Our Mission

Secure the conservation of these species


In 2010 we started with a cheetah and a caracal and built two ensures for them. Special attention has always been paid to nature conservations rules.

All our animals have custom built enclosures with area to play and live in. We strive to make these homes as similar to each species natural habitat as possible.

Most of the animals we take in, call Felidae a permanent home as they are too domesticated to survive on their own in the wild.

However, we have had the opportunity to release several in areas where they can live freely without human interaction.

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