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Felidae has a few new projects that we want to begin within the year. We have chosen the project with the most importance at this time and we need your assistance! This is the project we would like to start:

Lions enclosure

Our wild lion pride consists of 5 lions that are calm with people around them and 5 lions that are more comfortable without any human contact. The last 5 were raised in the pride by the other lions. We are currently looking for funding to build a 200 ha enclosure for this pride. Here they can learn to survive without human interaction and people constantly being around them.

We will provide tours in safari vehicles to this enclosure during our tours. The larger enclosure will give the lions the opportunity to decide want to meet up with people or rather relax under a tree.

This project will cost roughly R400 000.00 - every rand toward this can help us to get these lions quicker into a bigger and more natural area.

Felidae Wish list

As we are a non-profit organization which strives to keep the animals healthy and happy we need your help with the following items:

Stainless steel bowls for our animals

With about 20 animals that get food daily out of these bowls we need to make sure they are hygienically clean and not broken.

Montego dog pellets

Our Bat-eared fox family live mostly on the pellets and they refuse to eat anything els than Montego.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

We are a home to 2 vervet monkeys which is getting a very healthy bowl of food twice a day. This consist only of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Fresh animal carcasses

Almost all our animals on the farm only eat meat which make the meat quantity a month quite high. These animals only get fresh food and most is being fed daily. For any dead animals please phone as we will come and collect it.


We need big quantity of whole chicken and body parts of chicken such as chicken legs, heads, necks, drum sticks, wings and liver. These are mainly use to balance our the calcium in our animals with the meat carcasses and helping the animals building up a healthy and strong bone system.

Building material

Items like cement, bricks, wooden poles, wire etc. We are currently busy in rebuilding and enlarging all our enclosures and we need these stuff to make it save and special to each species.

Gardening tools

Spade/Shovels, Rake, Wooden saws, Scissors, Garden forks, Wheelbarrows. This is so keep enclosures clean and neat.

Building tool

Electrical equipment like hand drills, screwdrivers, hammers, screwdrivers, plyers, drill bits etc.

Butcher equipment

Knives, small axes, cutting boards, electrical scales, meat saw, cleaning equipment (cloths, steel-wool etc) etc. As we work daily and everything neat to be hygienically we need good equipment to ensure safety of workers.

Medical equipment

Syringes (5ml, 10 ml, 20 ml), needles, thermometer, stethoscope.


Tree logs, play toys for animals (predator proof), fire buckets.

Adopt an animal

Adopting an animal is also an option at the Felidae Centre. When you adopt one of our amazing creatures, you're ensuring their continuous well-being, as well as providing the essentials for them, such as:

  • Annual Vaccinations
  • Veterinarian care when needed
  • Additions to ensure a comfortable lifestyle (toys, blankets, and more)
  • Secure and comfortable enclosures (building and restoration of enclosures)

OK so you don't actually get to take the animal home (which would be risky for obvious reasons), but you do receive a certificate and are more than welcome to visit your adopted bundle of fur anytime! A regular update of your adopted animal will be sent to you as well via email or phone.

Here are our different options for Adopting:

  • Silver: once off payment of R1000
  • Gold: Monthly payment of R100 for 12 months
  • Platinum: Monthly payment of R200 for 12 months
  • Diamond: Monthly payment of R300 for 12 months
  • Tanzanite: Monthly payment of R400 for 12 month

What animals can I adopt?


Become a part of Felidae, make a difference!

Contact us to make a donation, sponsor an item from our wish list, or adopt one of our beauties: