We have several different prides here at Felidae, all with lions who have become a permanent part of our family! Their ages, listed more specifically below, range from just over a year to seven years old. Our full grown males typically weigh around 250 kg, and the females 190 kg. While they can move quickly when they want to, these giant cats generally sleep between 18-23 hours each day! 


Our wild lion pride consists of 10 lions, 5 females and 5 males. During the week these lions enjoy company of each other, sunning themselves, and sleeping. On our Saturday morning tour (beings at 11:00am) people can see them enjoying and playing with the carcasses they are fed.

The oldest 5 lions in the group (2 males and 3 females) came to Felidae Centre in 2011. After spending about 8 months on the farm and meeting up with the owners, we discovered there were plans to sell the 2 male lions. Their owner, *Mr Piet Pompies, visited them to get photos and informed us that his goal was to sell them to hunters during the winter months.

We stepped in and took out a loan to purchase all of the lions, saving them from a future of canned hunting.

It took time to get sterilizing chips for the females, resulting in several litters being born. The adult females were then sterilized on 5 Novemeber 2015 to prevent future breeding and cubs on the project. Two of the litters of cubs born were kept and raised by the females and rest of the group. Today they are fully grown and well settle in with the parents and other adult lions.


Shasha-Lee –



Sebrina – 18 January 2013


Brutis –


Valentino – 18 January 2013

Jabo – 21 December 2014

Kai – 21 December 2014


These lions were all born on the farm from our wild pride. They were the first cubs born to the wild females, who were unfortunately too immature to raise them. The mothers did not know how to protect the babies from the environment, and they did not clean them after birth.

Unfortunately not all the cubs survived the first night, primarily due to cold, liver problems, and kidney problems. The ones that did survive make up our teenager pride! 

These were hand raised by us as they grew up. All have matured and are healthy, living together in their own enclosure. While they are too large to fully interact with now, they all love coming to the edge of the fence for a face rub from Chriszanne or Nicol!


Shani – 20 February 2013

Twin Sisters!

Zara – 20 February 2013


Themba – Septmeber 2012

Sterling – 18 January 2013
(Brother of Valentino and Sebrina)

Simba – 22 March 2013


These two beautiful sisters were the first lions on the project! They provided everyone here at Felidae Centre with our first exposure to canned hunting.

We went to buy Mika and Sarabi from *Mr. John van Graan and found out he had 3 lions in the litter. When we asked to take the third one, a male, we were told no. We were then informed it was because all males born on his farm were used for hunting.

It broke our hearts to leave the little boy behind but the owner was unwilling to sell. Happily we managed to save the 2 girls from joining their brother and being used as breeding females for hunting purposes. They’ve been living as part of the family here at Felidae ever since!

Mika passed away of a disease called DIC, Savanna from wild pride is part of Sarabi’s new family.

young group

Tau and Alex (both males) are the youngest lions here at Felidae! They were the last of the cubs that were born from the wild pride and we had to remove them. Several lions tried to kill them as cubs, leaving Tau with a whole in his throat. Additionally, Alex suffers from epilepsy, meaning he needs medication daily to prevent attacks. 

Both boys were hand raised and became a part of the family quickly. They are best friends and love receiving attention and head scratching from people!

Tua passed away on 25/12/2018


Alex and Ariel white lion lives together


Ariel is our only white lion on the project and our most recently saved lion from hunting.

Ariel was hand raised in a home by people who worked on a lion farm. When the people resigned and moved to a different farm, the owner sold Ariel to *Predator Home, a reserve which is very popular for doing canned hunting. The people who helped raise Ariel contacted Felidae and we took out a loan to save Ariel from hunting.

Unfortunately when she came to Felidae Centre on the age of 7 months, Ariel could only drink milk and didn’t eat meat at all. 

This was a result of having been fed the wrong diet. She was covered in diseases, like ring worm, and was missing hair on part of her face.

She loves attention from her family however, and enjoys posing for pictures!

Today she is a very healthy white lion! She enjoys a diet that consists exclusively of meat and takes supplements every night. Having been raised in such close proximity to humans, Ariel prefers to be alone than with other lions.

* Names have been changed.


Alex and Ariel lives together

Our lions are rescues from the Canned hunting trade

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